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On The Business of Population Influence

In the modern digital age of rapid communication and social media, leading governments are harnessing innovative tools to digitally engage with and influence large swaths of human populations, both domestically and abroad. They use the latest technology, knowledge, and psychological science to forge transformational societal changes across the globe, and all done in a manner that feels so organic to the target communities that almost nobody even recognizes that it is happening.

By utilizing the dynamics of peer-to-peer influence and an understanding of fundamental human neuroscience, governmental entities now exploit the digital landscape to create automated engagement programs that create a unified voice across various communities within their sphere of influence. With the right nudges, citizens can be influenced en masse to enthusiastically rally behind governmental campaigns, advocate for social change, provide information necessary for policy change, and a whole lot more, even to the point of having their own independent ideation completely nullified or overridden.

What if that same power was available in the civilian market? Available so that brands can connect directly with their customer base and foster meaningful relationships that not only drive massive brand awareness and demand, but also provide significant value to the customers themselves? What if you could mobilize an army of passionate, empowered customers on-demand to tap into their social channels and take collective action to drive brand awareness and engagement, ultimately engineering market demand at-large?

Enter GoVi - Tap into proven psychobehavioral technology to:

  • Amplify Awareness: Effectively disseminate information about products, initiatives, and social campaigns using the social reach held by your own customers

  • Facilitate Constructive Dialogue: Foster genuine conversations between your customers and your brand, gathering actionable data at the push of a button.

  • Drive Collective Impact: Mobilize customers to collaborate on mass social projects that drive brand engagement and result in explosive growth in market share.

  • Create Massive Demand: Utilize the extensive social influence that exists across your entire customer base to engineer market demand at-large

The need for a dynamic shift in customer engagement, and marketing in general, is becoming self-evident as customers are inundated with messaging from everywhere except the most relevant and impactful source: their own friends and family. Brands equipped to tap into this resource on a large scale are going to be the undisputed dominant players in the market very very soon, while those who fail to adapt will be swiftly left behind in the dust. Having already shaped the geopolitical landscape over the last decade, this technology is now coming to the civilian sector. With or without you, your market will soon be turned upside down. Will you be ready?


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