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Leverage the Inherent Viral Capacity of Your Own Customer BAse

Constant Viral Engagement

Virality is bottom-up rather than top-down—the moment a customer experiences happiness, they become motivated to share their joy. This is the perfect moment to strategically engage that customer and deepen that relationship, and GoVi allows you to do exactly that while leveraging the viral capacity of your entire customer base to create exponential growth.

The Mobile Experience

Stimulate your customers to participate in MCM and engage with your brand wherever they are, throughout their day, with a custom-designed mobile app with your branding. Push notifications are strategically used to regularly prompt your customers to engage with your brand through the mobile app.

The Web Experience

Completely revamps the customer experience associated with visiting your eCommerce website, transforming your website from a simple eShop into an attractive, vibrant social community of engaged and fully mobilized customers.

Spur Your Customers to Mass Action

Opportunity Feed

Each Opportunity provides your customers with a list of prescribed tasks to complete in order to earn a specified reward. The result is that your customers become so much more than simply “consumers”—they actually become value creators who work to grow your brand and business in ways that go far beyond their purchasing habits.

Through the Opportunity Feed, GoVi MCM turns your customers into an army of fully incentivized advocates, marketers, content creators, brand ambassadors, providers of critical insight, and so much more.

The result is a dramatic increase in your customer lifetime value as well as unparalleled effectiveness in customer acquisition.


Viral Growth On-Demand

Rewards & Levels for Redemption

Generate revenue and increase lifetime value across all levels of customers, rewarding your best influencers and making it simple and easy to turn your average customer into your most loyal customer.

Drive tasks to promote new offerings, deepen ties to real-world locations, and move customers to buy more online and on-site at your brick-and-mortar locations in addition to tapping your customers for critical insights that can drive the direction of your growth strategies.

Tap into the trusted relationships of your customers to create virality and grow exponentially faster than ever before.

Your Own Social Network

Community of Customers

GoVI MCM includes your own social networking platform, allowing your entire community of customers to interact with each other, share content, and intensify their loyalty to your brand together as an enthusiastic social community.

Evolve your customer experience from a one-dimensional, purchase-based relationship into a vibrant social experience, providing a sense of belonging to an enthusiastic community in active solidarity with your brand’s values and identity.

Together with the power of the Opportunity Feed, your social network stimulates your customers to engage with your brand regularly throughout each day, leading to deepened loyalty, greater mindshare, and increased spending.


Everybody Wins

Vibrant Relationships With Retail

For companies whose business model involves product distribution to independent retail partners, providing the consumers of your products with personalized, location-based experiences involving your brick-and-mortar retail partners enables you to grow your own revenue while also growing the revenues of your retail partners through increased customer traffic and targeted incentives.

You can even provide consumers with rewards that must be redeemed at specific locations, or create Opportunities for your consumers that involve on-site activity at specific locations. Your consumers will love your brand even more, your retail partners will thank you while purchasing more of your products, and your own company achieves explosive revenue growth. Everybody wins.

See MCM Live

Mass Customer Mobilization creates exponential growth by seamlessly empowering your customers to become your most effective tool for generating customer acquisition, insight, and business growth.

Increase your revenues, unleash and direct the virality of your customers, and make your customers happier than ever before.

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