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Seize the power to mastermind your entire market. With GoVi tech as your secret weapon, you don’t chase demand—you engineer it.

With an average ROI 22x greater than conventional marketing and loyalty, your competitors simply won't stand a chance.

Market Dominance.


​​GoVi technology enables your company to seamlessly orchestrate mass, coordinated actions across your entire customer base. This revolutionizes the customer lifecycle and creates an unstoppable army of passionate brand loyalists under your command. With the support of your loyal army, your brand takes control of the public sphere, leading the conversation and sculpting the market to fit your goals.


Our multi-patented Viral Market Engineering (VME) platform allows you to shape your market as you see fit, creating unprecedented demand for your brand.

Empower your team to achieve unparalleled growth and customer engagement while you sneak up on your competitors by using your own customers to reach and acquire theirs.

GoVi Mass Customer Mobilization Dashboard and App
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Unparalleled ROI

​By leveraging the social influence that exists across your entire customer base, you’re effectively shifting the dynamic of marketing from you grabbing a megaphone and telling people how great your brand is to, instead, having masses of your customers grab THEIR megaphones to talk about how great you are. Which do you think is more convincing?



Imagine this happening on a massive scale… across your entire customer base… and you realize that the key to revenue explosion is in your hands already. You simply need GoVi technology to tap into your customers who already know and love your brand and empower them to engineer the market results that you dictate. It's time for your brand to evolve loyalty into mass action—let your customers exponentially expand your reach and help you to dominate your market.

Download our ROI calculator and see how the average GoVi client benefits from: 

  • Increased Market Penetration

  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value

  • Reduced Churn Rates

  • Lower Advertising Costs

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Intentional Viral Growth

People naturally trust their real-life connections in their own social circles. In fact, 95% of consumer purchasing decisions are more influenced by word-of-mouth among friends and family than any other source of information. Your customers should regularly be speaking about you.

By mobilizing your customers to advocate across the public landscape, you tap into a vast ocean of new customers and effectively control the conversation in your market. Even with just a small fraction of your customer base engaged through GoVi technology, you can multiply your revenue.


By The Numbers

The average customer's social network size is just over 2500 people - Millions of your potential customers could be hearing about you from THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY, not an ad.


By mobilizing just 1000 of your customers with GoVi technology, you achieve an average reach of 2.5 million people. Now imagine mobilizing your entire customer base, on-demand.





$6 Trillion




Skyrocket Lifetime Value

Traditionally, LTV has exclusively been a function of a customer's purchasing habits: how much will a customer spend over the lifetime of their relationship with your brand? Let's say the answer is $1000. But what is it worth to your brand for that customer to drive another customer just like them to your brand, every month? What about every week? What is it worth to have 10,000 of your customers doing that at the same time? How about 1,000,000? How much business can you handle? 

THIS is the power of Viral Market Engineering - capitalizing on loyalty through intentional, directed customer actions at scale.

GoVi brings LTV into the modern era by breaking it down into three key areas of customer action and value:

Window Shopping


Directly incentivize your customers to spend more, more often, and keep them for longer by deepening their emotional connection with your brand.


Why rely solely on ads or celebrity influencers when your own customers, at scale, are far more impactful, more passionate, more vested, and more valuable?


There is no resource for social influence more powerful than your own customer base—the means to utilize that influence simply never existed before… until now.

Financial Data

Data & Insight

The insights your customers have to offer can significantly boost revenue and profit. With GoVi, you can direct, gather, and utilize customer data, ideas, and sentiments by working directly with your entire customer base to learn what you need to know when you need to know it

Social Influence (5).png

Drive Business Outcomes

Exponentially increase the value of your customers by using GoVi technology to drive business outcomes such as:

  • Multiply Revenue - 2x increase in revenue from a mere 12% increase in brand advocacy by your customers

  • Boost Profit - 25% to 95% increase in profit margin from just a 5% increase in customer retention

  • Increase Average Order Size - 2.5x increase in annual spending per customer through deepened relationship

Financial Chart
Business Meeting

Why Brands Choose GoVi

Traditional advertising and rewards programs are a gamble—they should help your business, but oftentimes they can hurt it. Tech giants love it when your customers engage with your brand on their platforms because it lets them identify targets to sell to your competitors. Rewards without context or directed action often serve to devalue your product and your brand, causing you to lose margin without any gain. 

GoVi is different. Our platform provides your brand with reliable and predictable growth, mobilizing your customers to create massive value for your company and rewarding them FOR and WHEN they do so. We do it in a way that's incredibly easy for you while being fun and addicting for your customers, deepening your relationships with them as you simultaneously capture new market share.

GoVi makes it easy for your own customers to become your most influential advocates, drivers of revenue and profit, and sources of critical insights to inform company decisions. With tremendous ease-of-use, versatility, and incredible results, GoVi's VME platform is truly a necessity for your brand's growth strategy.


The GoVi platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your current tech stack and with your employees' current workload. Simple to use for your brand, and even simpler to engage with as a consumer.

Create a task or set of tasks that you want your customers to do
Create a task or set of tasks that you want your customers to do
Create a task or set of tasks that you want your customers to do
Create a task or set of tasks that you want your customers to do
Create a task or set of tasks that you want your customers to do

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